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Welcome to TAO - Tariff Analysis Online facility provided by WTO User guide
This facility allows you to access the WTO's Integrated Data Base (IDB) and Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS) database on-line, select markets and products, compile reports and download data. See also the Tariff Download Facility

The two databases contain applied customs duties at the tariff line level, import statistics by country of origin and WTO Members' commitments on goods (bound tariffs and specific commitments in agriculture).
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Government passwords for the IDB and the CTS are issued to Heads of Delegations to the WTO. Please contact your delegation directly to obtain a password if you do not have one.
Please send your comments and suggestions via e-mail to idb@wto.org.
The dissemination policy of the databases is defined and administered by the WTO Committee on Market Access. In summary, some information in the IDB and CTS database can have a "provisional" status, which means that it has not yet been approved by the WTO Member concerned. WTO Member governments have access to all information in the databases. The general public has access only to "approved" information.

There are certain restrictions on the use and dissemination of the IDB/CTS information that all users must agree to in order to access the database (refer to G/MA/238).
Permission to download information in part or in full from this database is granted for personal or classroom use, without fee and without formal request. Full citation must appear on any information published from this database. Data downloaded from this database in part or in full may not be distributed for profit or commercial advantage. Users expressly acknowledge and agree that any and all use of this information are at their sole risk. Neither the WTO nor any of its staff warrants that access to and use of these data will be free from interruptions or free from errors; nor does it make any warranty as to the accuracy and reliability of results that may be obtained from use of these data.
Note: The term "country" in this application does not imply an expression of opinion by the WTO Secretariat concerning the status of any country, territory or area or the delimitatation of its frontiers, or the rights and obligations of any WTO Member in respect of WTO agreements.
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